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2019년 12월 23일 월요일   
amazing wet cleaning    
Date: 09/08/15      Writer: Taeseung (태승) Kim      Hit: 2382      Comments: 0      
We can remove tough stains with a wet-cleaning.
Wet cleaning seminar on Oct.    
Date: 09/25/14      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 4123      Comments: 0      
We will have a wetcleaning seminar.   Date: October, 12th, 2014   Time: 2pm  ...
This week 'Tip'    
Date: 09/16/14      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 2896      Comments: 0      
From Wet Cleaners U.S.A.  
This week 'Tip'    
Date: 09/08/14      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 2673      Comments: 0      
From Wet Cleaners U.S.A.  
This week 'Tip'    
Date: 08/30/14      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 2523      Comments: 0      
From Wet Cleaners U.S.A.  
This week 'Tip'    
Date: 08/26/14      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 2636      Comments: 0      
From Wet Cleaners U.S.A.
This week 'Tip'    
Date: 08/22/14      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 2639      Comments: 0      
From Wet Cleaners U.S.A.  
This week 'Tip'    
Date: 08/22/14      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 2349      Comments: 0      
From Wet Cleaners U.S.A.
Green cleaning business booming    
Date: 08/22/14      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 5934      Comments: 0      
Much has been reported lately about the Valley's bad air quality and the effects on our health. B...
E.P.A.to seek 30% cut in Carbon Emissons.    
Date: 06/01/14      Writer: John Chung      Hit: 1183      Comments: 0      
WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency will unveil a draft proposal on Monday to ...
Date: 04/10/14      Writer: John Chung      Hit: 1852      Comments: 0      
According to the EPA website, recycling aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy needed to make...
FTC to Host Roundtable on Proposed Changes to its Care Labeling Rule for Clothing    
Date: 09/30/13      Writer: John Chung      Hit: 9509      Comments: 0      
As part of the Federal Trade Commission’s systematic review of all current FTC rules a...
Switching to Reusables: Grocery Bags, Diapers and More    
Date: 09/18/13      Writer: John Chung      Hit: 2691      Comments: 0      
Switching to Reusables: Grocery Bags, Diapers and More  Save the environment while saving t...
Wetcleaning is an environmentally safe alternative to dry cleaning .    
Date: 08/31/13      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 4846      Comments: 0      
ANN ARBOR—Although dry cleaning is an effective and inexpensive way to clean clothes, a rel...
Volatility organic compound EPA    
Date: 08/14/13      Writer: 미카엘수호천사      Hit: 5012      Comments: 0      
Developed Search What are you looking for?Retrieve   Hear issue Air Che...
Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene) EPA    
Date: 08/14/13      Writer: 미카엘수호천사      Hit: 3437      Comments: 0      
Technology Transfer Network             ...
Smart Science for Wetcleaning    
Date: 07/26/13      Writer: Taeseung Kim      Hit: 1428      Comments: 0      
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJLGepoOeTo Please, watch this video.
Fresh Ideas for Organizing Your Closet    
Date: 07/25/13      Writer: John Chung      Hit: 1707      Comments: 0      
Fresh Ideas for Organizing Your Closet Don't use it? Get rid of it. Closets are supposed to be ...
Eco-Friendly Lighting,    
Date: 07/25/13      Writer: John Chung      Hit: 1896      Comments: 0      
Save energy and lower utility bills by changing the lighting in your home A few changes in your ...
Don\'t dry clothes while sleeping    
Date: 07/18/13      Writer: intonetnick      Hit: 1094      Comments: 0      
ALBANY, GA -- Albany firefighters are reminding everyone not to start appliances t...
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