Forever Preserving the Precious Memories!
We work hard in providing clean garments by using methods that are Eco-friendly and 100% non-toxic. By omitting the use of chemicals we not only promote a healthy environment, but also make sure that the clients’ fabrics are soft on sensitive skin and free of allergens
Wet Cleaners, non toxic cleaners, natural cleaners, organic cleaners, fresh cleaners
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Forever Preserving the Precious Memories!


Forever Preserving the Precious Memories!

For your only wedding dress, cleaning it with the innovated wetcleaning method will make it last forever.

The chemicals in nomal dry cleaning will sometimes melt thew beautiful beads or even yellow the white febric.

From walking in wedding parties to the elegant wedding photographs, the bottom of your train will become black with dust.

Only professional wetcleaning can safely remove them.  Sometimes novice cleaners will clean your dress by throwing them into a tumbling machine.  The runs the risk of severly damaging the carefully sewn beads.

Wedding dresses are not hardy as nomal undergaments.

To keep your pure white gown protected and cared for, trust only in the professional wetcleaners near you

by Evergreen Cleaners in Ardsley, New York