What is wet cleaning?
We work hard in providing clean garments by using methods that are Eco-friendly and 100% non-toxic. By omitting the use of chemicals we not only promote a healthy environment, but also make sure that the clients’ fabrics are soft on sensitive skin and free of allergens
Wet Cleaners, non toxic cleaners, natural cleaners, organic cleaners, fresh cleaners
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What is wet cleaning?

Fresh Clean Scent
What is Wetcleaning?
Fresh Clean Scent

Odors from stains such as urine, sweat, or vomit should be done with wet cleaning.

Dry cleaning can never get rid of those odors.

You may smell a chemical when you smell clothes dry-cleaned.

However, you can smell fresh clean scent when you smell clothes wet-cleaned.
Do you want to wear clothes with a chemical smell or clothes with fresh scent?

Click these photos to see details of what wet cleaning is.


Non Toxic Chemical

Kind to Sensitive Skin

Fresh Clean Scent

Eco Friendly

Perfect for Removing Stains

Find out our certified stores near you, and look for the WetCleanersUSA mark.

You can ask any details about wet cleaning and receive our high quality services, no matter the location.