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We work hard in providing clean garments by using methods that are Eco-friendly and 100% non-toxic. By omitting the use of chemicals we not only promote a healthy environment, but also make sure that the clients’ fabrics are soft on sensitive skin and free of allergens
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Innovation in Dry Cleaning

It can be tough for dry cleaners remove stains from delicate clothing but there’s another way to clean clothes that some say works even better and it’s becoming more and more popular ABC news on campus reporter Lindsey Resier reportsREAD MORE


It is not the simple wet-cleaning your clothes method, but a technological machine which only skilled people can use. Our machine is designed for various types of clothes and materials. Each cleaning process is different depending on the material. It is only so because we want to return your belongings back to you the way you first purchased it. READ MORE

Forever Preserving the Precious Memories!

For your only wedding dress, cleaning it with the innovated wetcleaning method will make it last forever. The chemicals in nomal dry cleaning will sometimes melt thew beautiful beads or even yellow the white febric. READ MORE

Cost of Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning has been shown to be cheaper in costs than traditional dry cleaning.  Although specific prices vary from each establishment, the increased costs of wet cleaning detergents is greatly offset by the costs that are incurred through purchasing, handling, and disposal of traditional dry cleaning solvents.  Wet cleaning machines also use fewer gas and electricity compared to dry cleaning machines, resulting in lower costs to clean garments.


Wet Cleaning Vs. Dry Cleaning

Wet cleaning is significantly different from dry cleaning in that it does not use hazardous chemicals nor does it produce harmful waste.  Tetrachloroethylene, commonly referred to as Perc or dry cleaning fluid is the key ingredient that is used when dry cleaning garments.  READ MORE